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 Lake Travis on Jan. 24, 2009
                 Team                                                Fish               Weigh      Big Bass
1.  Jack Ashton & Keith Balkisson            5            14.25      4.63
2.  Mike Amescua & Chuck Sherman        5            10.11
3.  Jody Woodruff & John Hackney         5            10.03
4.  Don Steussy & Kevin Balkisson           5              9.25
5.  Eric Sherman & Willie Pessina             1             4.25
6.  Jesus Cruz & Adam DeLeon                2             3.92
7.  Clint Bridges & Regan Vaca                 4              3.26
8.  Bill Wells & Steve Bethea                     1             2.40
9.  Bill Ellis & Keith Ballard                          1             1.14 

The famous Texas saying "If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes" was true on TCBC's first tournament of the year. After having near perfect conditions "70+ degree and light winds" during the week, 9 teams were faced with temps that never got above 50 and 15 to 20 mph wind all day. But no matter the weather, seems like the fish can be caught and Jack and Keith proved that. They had a 5 bass limit with two nice 4lb largemouths. From what I've gathered Keith caught one of the kickers on a "trap" and the other on a grub. The winning team also had the big bass of the tourny with a 4.63lber. Great job!

Coming in second and showing why he was AoY of 08', Mike Amesca and partner Chuck Sherman caught most of their keepers on jigs in 25 to 30 feet of Travis water. They did get a keeper on a crank.

Coming in third was Jody Woodruff and John Hackney. They caught their limit of bass with grubs, jigs, shakey worms, and cranks. The fish caught on grubs and shakey's where on bluffs that went from 2ft to 20 to 30ft. The better fish were caught on a crankbait on wind blown shallow bank and a jig thrown next to a shallow dock. Here's a fishing story, John caught a 2lb+ "spot" on his "sissy stick" sure thought he had a kicker:)

Great turn out and no one fell in BRRRRRRRR!


 February 21, 2009 at Lake Buchanan
1. Willie Pessina & Shane Garke                5 for 13.43        BB 5.22
2. Jody Woodruff & Kevin Balkissoon        5 for 12.21
3. Mike Amescua & Steve Bethea              3 for 11.77
4. Clint Bridges & Jason St Peter               5 for 9.74
5. Jesus Cruz & John Hackney                   5 for 9.70
6. Rick Trussell & Jack Ashton                    3 for 8.70
7. Chuck Sherman & Eric Sherman             2 for 6.28
8. Bill Wells & Adam DeLeon                       2 for 3.88
9. Don Steussy & Keith Balkissoon             2 for 3.48
10. Wayne Orender & Keith Ballard           1 for 1.44
11. Richard Reed & Howard Lee Sherman 0 fish
 If you want a cold front then have a TCBC fishing tournament. 11 teams got a couple of hours in the morning of great conditions and then a front moved in on Buch. with 20 to 30 mph winds and colder temps. Some teams took advantage of the calm conditions in the morning and caught em.
 Willie P. and Shane was the team that took advantage the best by catching 4 bucketmouths in the first hour and a half. The big bass caught by Willie and another nice 3 pounder from Shane was caught in 3 to 8 feet of water with split shot rigged brushy hogs.
Two more small ones the same way and then they finished their limit off with a crawdad crankbait fish at 10. After that they just caught water but that was enough to finish first and take big bass.
 Jody and Kevin came out firing first thing in the morning too. Kevin caught a nice 3.5 lber with a jig right before the front. They found some protection from the wind and scratched a couple more. Then they made a great move, battled the rough conditions, moved across the lake and stuck a 4 and there last keeper later in the day. Grubs and jigs were there main lures to finish second.
 Big Mike and Longhorn Steve only caught three but those three averaged almost 4 lbs each. They caught there fish off a brush pile and another sloping bank brush pile in about 8 to 10 feet of water. Jigs and brushy hogs did the damage.
Great turn out and everyone came home safe.
Falcon here we come!!!!!


Lake Falcon tournament results – March 7 & 8, 2009

1. Clint Bridges & Steve Bethea
5 - 19.82
5 - 15.01
Day 1 – 6.59
2. Don Steussy & Kevin Balkisson
5 - 13.16
5 - 19.68
3. Chuck Sherman & Adam DeLeon
5 - 21.55
5.- 10.87
4. Jesus Cruz & Jack Ashton
5 - 17.28
4 - 14.03
Day 2 – 5.55
5. Rick Trussell & John Hackney
5 – 14.84
5 – 14.05
6. Mike Amescua & Keith Ballard
5 – 13.32
5 – 13.64
7. Jody Woodruff & Eric Sherman
3 – 9.08
5 – 16.90
8. Willie Pessina & John Herzog
5 – 12.51
2 – 4.32
9. Bill Wells & Keith Balkissoon
5 – 11.76
1 – 1.95

  Zapata, Texas and Lake Falcon welcomed TCBC members for the club's Classic and our regular March tournament. Once again we had a tournament with wind. We woke up Saturday morning to 20 to 30 mph winds and a rough lake. Most of the teams stayed in the Tiger Island area and had success.
  After day one, Chuck and Adam, not only battled the wind, but did some hand to hand combat with Falcon largemouths and took the day 1 lead. They went in the jungle and flipped and pitched brush hogs.
  Close behind was Clint and Steve. They went shallow to find some bedding bass but was unlucky. While shallow they started throwing white chatterbaits and "let the catching begin". They eventually moved out into some deeper water and started putting Falcon bass in the boat. Big bass for Day 1 also belonged to this team.
  Rounding out the top three was Jesus and Jack. They mixed in brush hogs, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits to catch and bring in a 17+ bag.
  Day 2 weather was great but the fishing was a little tougher for some teams.
  Clint and Steve came through with little time left and pulled off the victory not only for the tournament but also the Classic! Once again chatterbaits in drain areas was there weapon of choice.
  Coming from the back of the pack with an impressive catch was Don and Kevin to take second place. They mixed lizards, brush hogs, and yes Mike, baby brush hogs. They flipped and pitched and found a gold mine when Kevin caught 4 fish on consecutive casts. Sorry Kevin, weighing in fish keeps you out of the pictures but we will work on that.
  Hanging on to third was Chuck and Adam. Day 2 was not as good to them but they still managed to catch a 5 bass limit and add to their great catch from day one.
  All in all this years Falcon was not like last years Falcon but the club still had a great time and caught some good limits of bass. Good stories and jokes were shared. Most of all everyone and their boats made it home safely.
  Go check out the pictures!!!!

LBJ on Apr. 18, 2009

1.  Jesus Cruz & Adam DeLeon           5 / 12.06    Big Bass - 4.42
2.  Mike Amescua & Keith Balkissoon   5 / 11.05
3.  Bill Ellis & John Hackney                 5 / 9.86
4.  Steve Bethea & Jack Ashton           4 / 9.02
5.  Kevin Balkissoon & Luke England    5 / 8.50
6.  Clint Bridges & Eric Chandler          5 / 8.12
7.  Richard Reed & Rick Webster          4 / 7.58
8.  Bill Wells & Keith Ballard                 5 / 7.09
9.  Willie Pessina & Chad Miller             3 / 6.10
10. Rick Trussell & Brent Trussell         3 / 4.77
11. Chuck Sherman & Eric Sherman     2 / 2.60

The weather finally was good to the fisherman of TCBC but the big bass were not. With the chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain, teams stratigized on there patterns and Jesus and Adam came out ahead. The winning team used spinnerbaits, worms and of course brushhogs to hold off 10 other teams. With no report from Big Mike and Keith, I'm going to guess jigs and brushhogs? They weighed in a double digit bag to take second. Bill Ellis and John came in third catching there limit with shakey and drop shot plastics. Thanks to Willie P. pre-fishing and catching a big sack. No one took pictures because everyone thought there sack of fish was not worth it. Great turn out and nice to see new faces.

   Belton on May 7, 2009
1.  Mike Amescua & Willie Pessina               5 for 16.49
2.  Bill Wells & Keith Balkissoon                   5 for 13.84   BB - 4.73
3.  Clint Bridges & Bill Gibson                      5 for 12.36
4.  Jody Woodruff & Jack Ashton                 5 for 11.06
5.  Steve Bethea & Kevin Balkissoon             5 for 10.35
6.  Rick Trussell & Adam DeLeon                 5 for 10.26
7.  Jesus Cruz & Rick Webster                      5 for 9.57
8.  Richard Reed & John Hackney                 3 for 5.32
9.  Chuck Sherman & Keith Ballard               1 for 1.85 
TCBC fished Lake Belton from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm under partly cloudy skies and mild winds.
Big Mike and Willie P. came in first place with a nice sack and a 3+ pound smallmouth. From what I've gathered, the winning team caught there fish off main lake points dragging jigs in 10 to 20 ft of water. Showing that there was different patterns, 2nd place team of Bill W. and "Larry" caught there fish shallow. Going way back in coves and creeks, they cast into 1 to 7 feet of water with brush hogs and creature baits. They also had big bass. One of the reasons TCBC likes to go to Belton is the chance to catch smallies. If I remember right, almost all the teams weighed in a smallie or more. Great job to all the teams, 7 out of 9 brought in a 5 bass limit.
 Stillhouse Hollow 06/27/09 6am to 3pm

1.  Jody Woodruff & Steve Bethea          5 fish for 16.35     BB 5.20
2.  Bill Wells & Rick Webster                  5 fish for 15.75
3.  Don Stuessy & Chuck Sherman         5 fish for 12.45
4.  Keith Balkisson & John Hackney        5 fish for 10.81
5.  Mike Amescua & Adam DeLeon         3 fish for 9.18
6.  Rick Trussell & Bill Gibson                4 fish for 8.09
7.  Jesus Cruz & Keith Ballard                2 fish for 5.94
8.  Eric Sherman & Kevin Balkissoon       1 fish for 2.02
9.  Richard Reed & Jason Waid              1 fish for 1.29
10. Willie Pessina & Jack Ashton             0 fish

TCBC fished Stillhouse on a hot and I mean hot day with mixed results. Out of ten teams only 4 brought in a 5 fish limit. Leading those teams and winning with a solid sack and big bass was the team of Jebedia and the Longhorn Stevie B. From what I gathered they caught there keepers in deep water, 12 to 30ft, on carolina rig plastics.
Coming in 2nd was Bill W and El Presidenta' with a nice 5 fish limit. This team went up the lake and fished pockets. In these pockets and along the main lake bank was alot of floating wood. They pitched and flipped plastics and only finished ounces out of first.
Once again TCBC and it's members showed what a great group of guys and conservation minded they are. Due to the hot weather it took alot of work to keep your fish alive. Many teams had no issues with this and released live fish. Some teams were not so lucky, but with help from other members some fish were revived and lived to see another day.
Great job to all the members!

 Lake Belton 07/11/09 12am to 8am

1.  Jody Woodruff & Keith Ballard       3 fish for 8.80
2.  Jack Ashton & Steve Bethea          2 fish for 7.35   Big Bass - 5.27
3.  Richard Reed & Kevin Balkissoon   2 fish for 6.09
4.  Clint Bridges & Adam DeLeon        1 fish for 5.04
5.  Chuck Sherman & Willie Pessina    2 fish for 4.34
6.  Keith Balkissoon & Rick Webster    2 fish for 4.22
7.  Mike Amescua & Eric Sherman       2 fish for 2.77
8.  Bill Wells & John Hackney              1 fish for 1.22

TCBC and its members fished their first night tournament on Lake Belton. With winds at 15 to 20 mph, the night was nice and cool but the fishing was tough. With his second win in a row, Jody and his partner Keith Ballard were the only team that weighed-in three fish. Jack and Steve came in second anchored by this nice largemouth that Jack caught for big bass honors.

Also here is a nice 5.04lb smallmouth caught by Adam.

Lake LBJ on August 22, 2009

1.  Mike Amescua & Eric Sherman       5 for 16.47      BB - 4.28
2.  Richard Reed & Jack Ashton          5 for 9.61
3.  Clint Bridges & Bill Gibson             5 for 9.50
4.  Don Steussy & Willie Pessina          5 for 7.27
5.  Rick Trussell & Rick Webster          3 for 5.25
6.  Eric Chandler & Keith Balkissoon     3  for 4.60
7.  Bill Wells & Keith Ballard                2 for 4.31
8.  Chuck Sherman & Kevin Balkissoon  1 for 2.13
9.  Jody Woodruff & Adam DeLeon       1 for 1.73
10. Steve Bethea                               1 for 1.22 

TCBC fished at LBJ from 3:00 am to 10:00 am on Aug. 22. The fishing was tough but Big Mike and Eric blitzed the rest of the guys with the only double digit sack. They caught most of their fish off a brushpile next to a underwater light with c-rigged flukes. Then they moved up river and culled with senkos. They also had big bass they was tricked by a jig. Coming in 2nd just by a few ounces was R&R and Ashtray. They caught their limit by tx-rig worms on deep points and drop shotting.
Great turn out and we all need to give just a little prayer for some rain.

Sept. 19, 2009 at Stillhouse Hollow 6:00am to 4:00pm

1.  Don Steussy & John Hackney         4 for 9.36
2.  Clint Bridges & Steve Bethea          3 for 8.54     BB of 4.58
3.  Jack Ashton & Kevin Balkissoon      4 for 5.66
4.  Bill Wells & Keith Balkissoon           1 for 3.21
5.  Eric Sherman & Rick Webster          1 for 1.63
6.  Mike Amescua & Adam DeLeon       1 for 1.43
7.  Rick Trussell & Willie Pesina            1 for 1.38
8.  Adrian Sapp & Chuck Sherman        1 for 1.21
9.  Richard Reed & Keith Ballard           0

   TCBC fished Stillhouse Hollow under nice conditions. Under partly cloudy skies, mild winds and nice temperatures the club caught alot of fish just not keepers. Each team reported catches of 20 to 30 fish but all under size.
  The team of "The Steussenator and Hack Attack" managed to catch four keepers and edge out the team of Clint and Longhorn Steve.
   Don and John caught fish all day but finally managed two small 14" keepers on the shakey worm. Then Don caught the team's big fish (4 1/2lbs) dragging a C-rig rattlesnake at 3pm. Five minutes before packing up John caught a nice 2+lbr with a trap in 1ft of water.
  Clint and Steve found a "magic" tree and milked it for second place. Steve caught the big bass of the tourny with a jerkbait and the team caught the other two keepers with C-rig rattlesnakes. Only if they would had caught one more small keeper?
  Good turnout and welcome to our newest member Adrian.

Choke here we come!

                                      Choke Canyon Oct 24 & 25

                                                              Day 1               Day 2                     Total
1.  Jesus Cruz & John Hackney             5 for 15.19       4 for 6.62               21.81      BB - 4.30  Day 1
2.  Bill Wells & Keith Ballard                    5 for 9.98         3 for 5.11               15.09
3.  Richard Reed & Eric Sherman           5 for 7.60         5 for 7.48               15.08
4.  Don Steussy & Adam DeLeon           3 for 4.88         5 for 8.86               13.74
5.  Jody Woodruff & Keith Balkisson      5 for 7.91         3 for 4.55               12.46
6.  Chuck Sherman & Jack Ashton         4 for 6.55         3 for 5.20               11.75
7.  Mike Amescua & Willie Pesina            2 for 3.41         5 for 7.87               11.28
8.  Rick Trussell & Kevin Balkisson          3 for 6.16         2 for 4.22               10.38     BB - 2.53  Day 2
9.  Adrian Sapp                                       2 for 3.21        1 for 1.14                4.35
10. Steve Bethea & Bill Gibson                2 for 2.61        1 for 1.28                4.35 

The TCBC traditional two-day October tournament was held on Choke Canyon. The weather was great but the fishing was tough. Hopes where high for Choke's big bass and heavy limits after good reports from teams that pre-fished . I guess no one told Choke about TCBC plans and the results show it.
 The winning team of Jesus and John caught the biggest 5 fish limit, big bass on day 1, and had almost a 6lb lead going into Sunday. This team caught their fish on jigs and baby brushhogs in 7ft to 14ft of water. Bill and Keith were the next closest team and they caught their limit on worms shallow.
 With only 5 teams bringing in limits, the J & J team could not rest due to Chokes reputation of big bass. Well, they did not need to worry, their first day weight was good enough for both days since the fishing got tougher. They managed only 4 bass the second day, caught on baby brushhogs, shakey head worm and drop shot to get their total limit over 20lbs. Bill and Keith barely held on to second by an ounce over Richard and Eric catching their fish on spinnerbaits and twin-tail grubs .
 Even when the fishing was tough the club had a great time. Jesus caught his personal best on Friday. Some club members helped Don get his boat running Friday evening showing how great our members are. Saturday the club got together for a bbq, drank good liquids, ate great food, and swapped even better stories.

Good times for TCBC, maybe the fishing will be better in NOVEMBER!


Lake Travis 11/14/09 6am to 3pm

1.  Jack Ashton & Keith Balkikissoon               5 for 14.44  
2.  Bill Wells & Adam DeLeon                        3 for 7.27  
3.  Mike Amescua & John Hackney                 5 for 7.24  
4.  Keith Ballard  & Guest                              3 for 5.68  
5.  Jody Woodruff & Willie Pesina                  1 for 5.40    Big Bass  
6.  Jesus Cruz & Eric Dorothy                        3 for 4.90  
7.  Adrian Sapp & Kevin Balkissoon                1 for 1.17  
8.  Steve Bethea & Don Steussy                      1 for .68  
9.  Eric Sherman & Bill Gibson                          0  
  Jack and Keith did back their win up with a great sack and ran away with the victory. Their sack consisted of a nice 5+lb  and two 3lb bass.  From what I've gathered this team caught most of their fish in newly flooded grass with brush hogs! 

  Bill and Adam squeaked out 2nd place with two nice 3lb bass and a smaller third fish. That beat the 3rd place team by a mere .03 ounces. This team caught their fish on weightless senkos and tx rigged baby brush hogs.
  The only question was who had big bass. By a mere 1 oz Jody and Willie beat out Keith and Jack. Jody's nice bass was the only one they weighed in. According to Willie, after telling Jody that guadalupe bass only need to be 12" to weigh-in, Jody threw back a 13 3/4" guad without hesistation. Oops that was the difference between 4th and 5th place!

  December tournament held 12-12-09 at Lake LBJ 
1.  Jesus Cruz & Willie Pesina               5 for 15.64
2.  Jody Woodruff & John Hackney       5 for 13.57
3.  Mike Amescua & Kevin Balkissoon    5 for 9.96
4.  Keith Balkissoon & Guest                 5 for 9.68   BB of 4.31
5.  Bill Wells & Keith Ballard                 5 for 9.31
6.  Richard Reed & Steve Bethea           4 for 7.54
7.  Eric Sherman & Howard Sherman    4 for 6.47
8.  Rick Trussell & Jack Ashton             3 for 5.03
9.  Adrian Sapp & Adam Deleon           1 for 1.54

  With the weather being unstable in central Texas, LBJ did not fish as easy as some would hope. Two teams did catch double digit limits and mix up the AoY race.
  The winning team of Jesus and Willie, "The Red Twins", came to the scales with an impressive sack to take the win. They caught their fish on baby rattlesnakes in 15ft of water. 
  Coming in 2nd was Jody and John. They caught there fish shallow with crankbaits and deep docks with jigs and grubs.
  Big Bass was caught c-riggin a deep point.
  Now to the Angler of the Year story. With only a slim lead, could Keith Balkisson hold on to AoY. That he did! Finishing 4th and with Mike finishing 3rd, Keith squeaked AoY out by 1 point. This is the second year in a row that AoY was decided by 1 point.
  Congrats go out to Keith Balkisson for Angler of the Year and to Clint Bridges for Big Bass of the Year. Enjoy all the perks and having a bullseye on your back.

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